[Scribus] No Speeding Zone

wayne iw
Fri Apr 1 19:49:09 CEST 2005

On Thursday 31 March 2005 08:46 am, PLinnell wrote:

> In my experience supporting DTP apps, hardware needs for optimal
> performance are somewhat different from games and more common office
> applications. 3D performance is meaningless. Fast disk access is
> sometimes more important than processing speed. ?The way DTP apps
> work is sometimes slightly different than other apps. Example, both
> Scribus and other DTP apps scan for fonts more intensively than a
> common text editor. DTP apps commonly work on single large files
> which do not have indexes like a DB would.

I found the problem. The speed problem occurs when you link text frames from 
the first page to the second, then back to the first page again. Scribus 
slows down considerably. Try opening the storyboard editor and see.

In my case, I'm making a flyer which will be folded in half and printed on 
both sides. The half pages are numbered 4-1 on the first Scribus page and 2-3 
on the second Scribus page. I have 2 pairs of linked text frames going from 1 
to 2 then from 2 to 3, then back to 4 (on the first Scribus page).

Also, this slowdown pretty much only happens when on the first Scribus page. 
Move to the second Scribus page and everything speeds up again.

Hope this helps.


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