[Scribus] September 23th CVS build.

Rainer Heilke rheilke
Tue Sep 28 07:27:07 CEST 2004

Rainer Heilke wrote:

> Craig Bradney wrote:
>> On Sunday 26 September 2004 20:08, Rainer Heilke wrote:
>>> These crashes have actually halted my playing with Scribus completely.
>>> It happens whenever I try to add pages. I'm not about to make eight
>>> one-page newsletters, and stitch together the PDF files. If anyone can
>>> figure this out, I'd appreciate it.
>> We need more info. We dont see this problem, but letting us know what 
>> date you can build and get this issue with will help.
> The last build that compiled was Sept 22. I guess it was under a week 
> ago--thought it's been longer. Work makes it feel like weeks. This one 
> and the previous (probably just two or three days earlier) were where 
> the crashes started. 

I've gotten a completely up-to-date build (see below), and adding pages 
still guarantees a Signal 11 crash. :-(  I wish I had more time to 
explore this. The crash doesn't even generate a core dump (or does Linux 
even do these very well, me being mostly a FreeBSD and Solaris man?).

>> No.  Have you changed your gcc, your libart or libart_devel?
>> Craig
> Nope. The only thing that has changed was libxml, required by one of 
> the newer changes. I installed libxml2-2.6.13 and 
> libxml2-sources-2.6.13 the day before the latest compile (on the 21st, 
> that is). I've been deliberately not upgrading anything unless 
> required by Scribus; since I still can't get Solaris 10 to compile Qt 
> in a way Scribus' configure is happy, this JDS box was built for 
> Scribus, and Scribus alone. 

Well, I'm an idiot (again). I had forgotten that I had logged out at one 
point, so my environment had lost the extended LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting I 
use only for compiling. With /usr/local/lib appended to the variable, 
the newest CVS of Scribus compiled like a dream. sigh  Why do I always 
forget the obvious?


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