[Scribus] September 23th CVS build.

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Sep 28 07:44:49 CEST 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 13:27, Rainer Heilke wrote:

> I've gotten a completely up-to-date build (see below), and adding pages 
> still guarantees a Signal 11 crash. :-(  I wish I had more time to 
> explore this. The crash doesn't even generate a core dump (or does Linux 
> even do these very well, me being mostly a FreeBSD and Solaris man?).

By default, most Linux distros disable core dumps. I guess the theory is
that users will just get confused by core files lying around (and as
many distros strip binaries, the core dumps are probably going to be
useless anyway).

To re-enable core dumps in a particular shell session, run:
  $ ulimit -c 100000000
  $ scribus

If you put the ulimit command in your login or session script, it'll
enable core dumps for your whole session. Figuring out where to put it
can be more painful than it should be under Linux, however.

Instead of looking at a core dump, if you run scribus under gdb:
  $ gdb scribus
  (gdb) run
then you'll also be able to get a backtrace etc, so it may be easier to
do this than analyse a core dump.

To get a useful core dump or backtrace, you'll need to enable debugging
in scribus then recompile. See:

Hope this quick note helps.

Craig Ringer

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