[Scribus] First issue completed but scrolling speed is a major issue

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Mon Sep 27 05:50:57 CEST 2004


I have encountered the same problem. Just not as bad in terms of 
time. Anyway. Before we find a fix here is the workaround I suggest. 
May sound a bit strange but just follow me...

1. Make sure the text you want into Scribus has its definitive form 
(no typos, no more editing).

2. Use the 5-column text frame according to your layout (not 5 
columns linked together) and create as much pages as needed. Format 
your text with stylesheets. Do not attempt any kind of modifications 
in the layout (so, no adds into those columns of type). Keep text 
reflow at the minimum (reflow is what we want to avoid).

3. Print this. Now, with these "galleys", organize your pages. 
Scissors, scotch tape, wax if you have that handy. Now is the time to 
put your ads in position (you have printed them also on another 
page). Put all the elements of your little puzzle and glue them on a 
blank page. You'll be surprised just how fast it can be done with all 
your pages in front of you!

4. Follow this layout and go back to OOo, separate your long text 
according to the pages you just organized and save each of them as...

5. When your ready, create a new (and final) Scribus document with a 
5-column text box and import the text. No automatic pages. THEN, put 
your ads in position. You will only treat one page at a time. No 
links. Text will flow within the same page, without affecting other 
pages. If you did your job right with the "galleys", it will fit to 
the last line. You will save lots of time. And still, the publication 
will be produced electronically in the end. With just a little help 
of techniques that proved to work perfectly, years ago.

Does that sound heretic?! Hey, it's a workaround. ;-)


P.S. I didn't enter too much into the copy-paste thing because there 
is currently an issue about that (at least with my CVS from sept. 5). 
If this is OK now, of course you don't have to go back to OOo but 
just cut/paste from/to Scribus, thus you will save even more time 
because you will not have to reformat your text.

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