[Scribus] First issue completed but scrolling speed is a major issue

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Sep 27 04:49:45 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-09-27 at 02:08, Frank Cox wrote:

> The major issue is scrolling speed.  The way that the paper is laid
> out currently is as follows:
> 1.  All of the commercial ads are placed approximately where they go
> in the finished paper.
> 2.  The classified ads are imported in a big single file (html this
> time, probably OpenOffice format next week after I have a chance to
> change the database to do that).

Would I be correct in guessing that you end up with a large set of
linked text frames? I've definitely noticed performance issues with
linked frames, and I would expect columns of classified ads to use them.


If this is the problem you are seeing, Scribus should be much faster
when you're working on the _end_ of your document than the beginning.

Unfortunately, the only work-around I could find was to un-link the
frames. After that, everything was back to normal. This required copying
the text out of a frame, unlinking it, and pasting the text back in as
there does not appear to be any option to unlink a frame without
clearing its contents.

Craig Ringer

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