[Scribus] September 23th CVS build.

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Sep 26 22:25:23 CEST 2004

On Sunday 26 September 2004 20:08, Rainer Heilke wrote:
> These crashes have actually halted my playing with Scribus completely.
> It happens whenever I try to add pages. I'm not about to make eight
> one-page newsletters, and stitch together the PDF files. If anyone can
> figure this out, I'd appreciate it.

We need more info. We dont see this problem, but letting us know what date you 
can build and get this issue with will help.

> Unfortunately, I can't even compile the newer CVS versions since this
> started happening. During compile, I'm getting:
> In file included from art_kmisc.c:5:
> /usr/local/include/libart_lgpl/art_svp_render_aa.h:38: parse error
> before '*' token
> /usr/local/include/libart_lgpl/art_svp_render_aa.h:49: parse error
> before '*' token
> /usr/local/include/libart_lgpl/art_svp_render_aa.h:54:
> `art_svp_render_aa' declared as function returning a function
> /usr/local/include/libart_lgpl/art_svp_render_aa.h:55: parse error
> before "void"
> make[3]: *** [art_kmisc.o] Error 1
> Has the version of libart_lgpl required changed? I'd been compiling new
> CVS's of Scribus steadily since about 1 - 1.5 weeks ago, roughly.

No.  Have you changed your gcc, your libart or libart_devel?


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