[Scribus] September 23th CVS build.

Rainer Heilke rheilke
Sun Sep 26 20:08:52 CEST 2004

These crashes have actually halted my playing with Scribus completely. 
It happens whenever I try to add pages. I'm not about to make eight 
one-page newsletters, and stitch together the PDF files. If anyone can 
figure this out, I'd appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I can't even compile the newer CVS versions since this 
started happening. During compile, I'm getting:

In file included from art_kmisc.c:5:
/usr/local/include/libart_lgpl/art_svp_render_aa.h:38: parse error 
before '*' token
/usr/local/include/libart_lgpl/art_svp_render_aa.h:49: parse error 
before '*' token
`art_svp_render_aa' declared as function returning a function
/usr/local/include/libart_lgpl/art_svp_render_aa.h:55: parse error 
before "void"
make[3]: *** [art_kmisc.o] Error 1

Has the version of libart_lgpl required changed? I'd been compiling new 
CVS's of Scribus steadily since about 1 - 1.5 weeks ago, roughly.

This is on a Sun Java Desktop System (essentially SUSE Linux Desktop 1).


Rainer Heilke

Martin Diers wrote:

> Just trying a September 24th CVS build, compiled on KDE 3.3. Love the 
> new text editor! Lots of wierdness with copy and paste, but I think is 
> KDE related, and not Scribus' fault.
> But also I am getting a lot of error 11 crashes. This appears to 
> happen at random times, but almost always when I am moving or resizing 
> a frame. Anyone else notice this? Not sure how better to track this down.
> Martin Diers.

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