[Scribus] svg file exported from openoffice could not import to scribus 1.2

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu
Sun Sep 26 16:45:47 CEST 2004

David wrote:

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> Hi All,
> I am new to the list :-)
> I played a little with Weiwu's file. In my scribus (1.2) the file is 
> imported, but it seems to be huge and so is not visible on the page. 
> But the data in *.sla file is there.
> I can see Peter already replied to with a workaround while I was 
> writing this message, but I think the strange behaviour (unable to 
> scale, does not show object with Chinese labels) of scribus with the 
> file on my system is worth reporting. If the SVG file is incorrect, 
> Scribus should display error message. The behaviour is not correct.

Hello David. First thank you for referring my name correctly. Most 
people don't know which part of a Chinese name is given name, and do not 
know if a Chinese guy is insisting on original name order, or have 
changed order to follow latin way:)

I thought Peter filed a bug on ooo, but I think a bug should be filed 
for scribus too. Really scribus should detect and refuse insane SVG 
file, especially when the buggy ooo is so widely used.

However I am pretty upset because my reported bugs related to CJK are 
marked "resolved/won't be solved" because "scribus currently not support 
CJK officially", may I suggest just to lower down the bugs' priority and 
to keep them there as reminders instead of closing them? Because scribus 
will support CJK some day I think. This is another story though.

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