[Scribus] svg file exported from openoffice could not import to scribus 1.2

David david
Sun Sep 26 16:27:56 CEST 2004

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Hi All,

I am new to the list :-)

I played a little with Weiwu's file. In my scribus (1.2) the file is 
imported, but it seems to be huge and so is not visible on the page. But 
the data in *.sla file is there.

With some "manual work" I managed to select it and display the 
properties - the size is HUGE, HUGE numbers. I can not change object's 
size through the dialog - whatever I touch, the value defaults to 0. The 
same is with the scale indicator in bottom lower corner - just touch UP 
arrow, to see the value changed from 100% to 10%!

What was "manual work"? Normally the import seems to do nothing - the 
data is in *.sla file, but I do not see a trace of it in the document. 
Mere deleting the labels in Sodipodi allows to see the edge of the 
object and select it. Then you can zero its size and try to use the 
mouse. For sure the drawing is there, it is just too big. And it does 
not seem to allow to resize itself in any convenient way.

The other interesting thing is, that if I change default units of the 
document from points to units, and then try to import the drawing, 
Scribus crashed immediately with the message that said something about 
signal #11 - I reproduced the error several times, but right now, when I 
am writing this message and tried again to paste the exact message, it 
did not crash. And it did not for next few tries :-(

Regards to all,

PS. I can see Peter already replied to with a workaround while I was 
writing this message, but I think the strange behaviour (unable to 
scale, does not show object with Chinese labels) of scribus with the 
file on my system is worth reporting. If the SVG file is incorrect, 
Scribus should display error message. The behaviour is not correct.

Zhang Weiwu wrote:

> Not sure. Please just take a look and let me know if I should file a 
> bug for this, or is this a feature (feature support svg file exported 
> from openoffice).
> This chart I exported form openoffice display just fine in inkscape, 
> but if I import it to scribus 1.2 it bombs. First it seems to be too 
> large to import and place on A4, but adjust to A0, I find the svg 
> image messed up.
> The svg file is attached in the mail.
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