[Scribus] a very OT question about distros

Markus Roduner markus
Tue Sep 21 12:20:59 CEST 2004

Hi Petr

I use Yoper here. Packages are new and it is optimized for i686. So fast, but 
not hard to configure as gentoo. And Scribus CVS compiles without problems. 
It is in the apt repository too (not every day freshly compiled so). Have a 
look at www.yoper.com.

CU - Markus

Am Dienstag 21 September 2004 07:12 schrieb VAN?K Petr:
> hi gang.
> at first - I DON'T want to start any flamewar. really don't want to.
> believe me.
> I'm planning to have a free time in the woods to relax and coding Scribus
> too ;) My good friend lends me his notebook. I need to install some linux
> distro on it. And now - It's quite clear I don't want to install my
> favourite gentoo because of the short time. I've got old suse on CDs...
> I would like to download some quite new binary distro to install.
> Tell me the name I will have no problems when compilling Scribus...
> (new Qt, automagic stuff, lcms, freetype etc.)
> ufff ;)
> p.

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