[Scribus] scribus, pantone and eps files

Jens Bierwirth jensbierwirth
Thu Sep 16 15:31:52 CEST 2004

> Until someone comes up with a free way to do it which doesn't violate
> Kodak's patents, you'll only find it on commercial apps.

There would be a simple workaround for this problem...
There have just to be the ability toset spotcolours in scribus on an
litttle different way.
Setting a spotcolour as a pain extr5a-colour which generates an extra
colour-channel too.
What name you give these colur/channel is in your own decision. The
preview or better the screen-view of these spotcolour has to be set by
the user itself with hsb, rgb or cmyk parameters. But remeber, these
previes is just for the screenview, there hast to be just one channel
for everey spotcolour which will be defined by the user.
So you get an extra colour-channel additional to the standard 4 process
I think this would solve the probleme, because you can use whatever
colour you would like to. 


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