[Scribus] scribus, pantone and eps files

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Thu Sep 16 14:33:35 CEST 2004

? (At) 12h00 +0000 16/09/04, Penelope Spencer ?crivait (wrote) :
>I have run into a problem with  Kallkwik - my local printing shop. I
>want to print a run of folders which use 2 colours - gold and black (and
>shades thereof). To keep costs down, they suggested using pantone
>colours (pantone131 and black). They have now asked me to output the
>file in eps format using pantone colours. Can I do this on scribus? I
>couldn't find it in the the colours dialogue box. How have other people
>dealt with the issue of 'spot printing'?

Hi Penny,

I assume your job is meant to be printed on an offset press and not 
on a digital printer/copier. Then, all you need from Scribus is to 
output 2 plates, no matter what the colors are. Keep your "black". 
For the "Gold", use instead "Cyan" or "Magenta", colors readily 
available from Scribus. This will be a 2-color document that will 
output 2 plates. Of course, your document will look strange on screen 
but that doesn't matter.

The colors that will be printed are not determined by the names of 
the colors on the plates (or films) but by the actual colors in the 
ink foutains on the press.

Ask your printer to show you a sample of that Pantone 131. You might 
as well want to take a look at his Pantone Color Selector and select 
something else. Once you have 2 plates, it is up to you to choose 
whatever color you want.

Last but not least : make it clear with your printer that the "Cyan" 
plate is meant to be printed in Pantone 131.

BTW, this is very common that a client changes its mind at the last 
minute for the accompanying spot color. The document remains the same 
(unless other changes).

HTH ;-)


>Many Thanks
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