[Scribus] scribus, pantone and eps files

linuxlingam linuxlingam
Fri Sep 17 21:19:24 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 18:03, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> ? (At) 12h00 +0000 16/09/04, Penelope Spencer ?crivait (wrote) :
> >I have run into a problem with  Kallkwik - my local printing shop. I
> >want to print a run of folders which use 2 colours - gold and black (and
> >shades thereof). To keep costs down, they suggested using pantone
> >colours (pantone131 and black). They have now asked me to output the
> >file in eps format using pantone colours. Can I do this on scribus? I
> >couldn't find it in the the colours dialogue box. How have other people
> >dealt with the issue of 'spot printing'?
> Hi Penny,
> I assume your job is meant to be printed on an offset press and not 
> on a digital printer/copier. Then, all you need from Scribus is to 
> output 2 plates, no matter what the colors are. Keep your "black". 
> For the "Gold", use instead "Cyan" or "Magenta", colors readily 
> available from Scribus. This will be a 2-color document that will 
> output 2 plates. Of course, your document will look strange on screen 
> but that doesn't matter.

we never see color anyway. :-)

> The colors that will be printed are not determined by the names of 
> the colors on the plates (or films) but by the actual colors in the 
> ink foutains on the press.

er.. inks in the ink fountains.

> Ask your printer to show you a sample of that Pantone 131. You might 
> as well want to take a look at his Pantone Color Selector and select 
> something else. Once you have 2 plates, it is up to you to choose 
> whatever color you want.
> Last but not least : make it clear with your printer that the "Cyan" 
> plate is meant to be printed in Pantone 131.

couple of things to point out:
1) gold ink is opaque. so it can only be used as a true spot-color. do
not attempt tints and tones in gold ink. they often come out terrible
unless you know quite intricately what you are doing. similarly, gold
ink has a terrible time 'mixing' with other color inks in the halftone
process. [gold 50%, cyan 30% = ugly, gooey, mess] 

2) you mention a second spot color. from your email i gather you might
want to create tints in this as well. before attempting the project,
please spend some time personally at your pre-press and production
house, understanding what screen angles, types of inks (these have to be
translucent), the kind of image/effect, you wish to achieve.

good communication solves a lot of problems later.
it also saves you a lot of money in rejection, re-working etc.

> HTH ;-)
> Louis

just my two-paisa on this.


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