[Scribus] easy way to create booklet?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu
Sun Sep 5 04:36:35 CEST 2004

Carol Kankelborg wrote:

>   You are doing great detective work looking through the archives, but you
>haven't gotten to the end of the story yet.  There are problems with the psbook
>approach.  The "final" answer I found for making a booklet is found in post
>You can have articles crossing two pages by linking text boxes.  After the booklet is
>just as you like it, you use the method described in the above post to put the A5 pages
>onto A4 paper in the correct order so it prints properly.  The text box linking is lost,
>but if you don't have any changes to make it doesn't matter.
>However, this does not address your problem with pictures crossing over two pages. 
>That is an issue I haven't dealt with and can't address.
OMG! Thank you for your kind notice. Okay I don't have time to fight all 
these problems, I think either I left the problem to the press house, or 
I just convert to high-resolution raster image and do it by image 
processing tool with more or less quanlity loose and send a 300MB 
amazing size image to the print house. (and hang their machines?)

However, is the psutils team told the existance of this bug about psbook?

I expect this feature will be done wonderfully in 1.3 :)

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