[Scribus] could not print on FreeBSD

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu
Sat Sep 4 08:00:31 CEST 2004

Hello. I have scribus 1.2 installed on both of my two boxes running 
FreeBSD 4.10 with KDE and Gentoo Linux with no desktop environment (just 
enlightenment). The Linux print server is in the next office serving 
CUPS 1.1 for a postscript level 2 printer: HP laserjet 3015.

Scribus 1.2 prints fine on Gentoo Linux with PS level 2 (running CUPS 
1.1 locally) with the printer automatically recognized and installed. On 
the FreeBSD box (running cups 1.1.20) all applications (KWriter and 
acroread etc) prints fine but scribus could not. Scribus shows the 
printer as default printer, I adjust to ps level 2 and click print, it 
runs busy for a while, and without any error message, nothing happened. 
CUPS server said it never received print job at all, and printer behave 
like nothing ever happened. If I print to a ps file at level 2, and 
issue '/usr/local/bin/lpr output.ps', then the file gets printed fine.

At first I thought that's because scribus doesn't know the path for cups 
executable lp/lpr is /usr/local/bin/lpr but not /usr/bin/lpr (latter is 
the bsd printing tool which I doubt anyone is still using at all), so I 
click "alternative printing command" on print dialogue, and fill the 
text input box with "/usr/local/bin/lpr" but it doesn't help (still no 
error message, no output).

All the above apply to scribus 1.1.7 too. I just upgraded a few days ago.

Anywhere should I further check for the problem?

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