[Scribus] easy way to create booklet?

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Sat Sep 4 22:41:06 CEST 2004

   You are doing great detective work looking through the archives, but you
haven't gotten to the end of the story yet.  There are problems with the psbook
approach.  The "final" answer I found for making a booklet is found in post


You can have articles crossing two pages by linking text boxes.  After the booklet is
just as you like it, you use the method described in the above post to put the A5 pages
onto A4 paper in the correct order so it prints properly.  The text box linking is lost,
but if you don't have any changes to make it doesn't matter.

However, this does not address your problem with pictures crossing over two pages. 
That is an issue I haven't dealt with and can't address.


>Zhang Weiwu wrote:
>>Zhang Weiwu wrote:
>>>I'm pretty upset when I read the feature is not currently available (will come on 1.3). What can I do now? I am making A5 size booklet using A4 paper.
>>>1) create publications in scribus by A5 size paper and make postsript, I use some tool to join A5 pages to booklets. This is NG because some articles need to cover two pages.
>>>2) create publications in scribus by A4 as if it is each double page opened in a booklet (hope my bad English is understandable). This is okay for crosee-two-page articles but is there good tool I can use to split pages and re-join them in the right order later?
>>>I hope method 2) could work, and if possible, can you show me the command to do it (split A4 pages and join them back to A4 pages so that printed out it is ready for a booklet)?
>>I found the answer / solution from an old post:
>This is not yet the whole story. In Carol's old post the workaround is to first design the publication in 1) way (that is, set document paper size = A5 in scribus) and re-arrange pages using psbook(1), and join them up using psnup(1). Detail of how to do it is here:
>However 1) is not my case. I need to design booklet that some image spans two pages. On some pages a big picture spans from left page to right page (this is common in booklet design) so I need to design page in 2) way. In my case perhaps I need first to split each landscape A4 pages into two A5 pages, then psbook, psnup.
>However I did not figured out how to do it (split A4 page) yet.

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