[Scribus] easy way to create booklet?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu
Sat Sep 4 09:48:55 CEST 2004

Zhang Weiwu wrote:

> Zhang Weiwu wrote:
>> I'm pretty upset when I read the feature is not currently available 
>> (will come on 1.3). What can I do now? I am making A5 size booklet 
>> using A4 paper.
>> 1) create publications in scribus by A5 size paper and make 
>> postsript, I use some tool to join A5 pages to booklets. This is NG 
>> because some articles need to cover two pages.
>> 2) create publications in scribus by A4 as if it is each double page 
>> opened in a booklet (hope my bad English is understandable). This is 
>> okay for crosee-two-page articles but is there good tool I can use to 
>> split pages and re-join them in the right order later?
>> I hope method 2) could work, and if possible, can you show me the 
>> command to do it (split A4 pages and join them back to A4 pages so 
>> that printed out it is ready for a booklet)?
> I found the answer / solution from an old post:
> http://nashi.altmuehlnet.de/pipermail/scribus/2003-September/002163.html 

This is not yet the whole story. In Carol's old post the workaround is 
to first design the publication in 1) way (that is, set document paper 
size = A5 in scribus) and re-arrange pages using psbook(1), and join 
them up using psnup(1). Detail of how to do it is here:

However 1) is not my case. I need to design booklet that some image 
spans two pages. On some pages a big picture spans from left page to 
right page (this is common in booklet design) so I need to design page 
in 2) way. In my case perhaps I need first to split each landscape A4 
pages into two A5 pages, then psbook, psnup.

However I did not figured out how to do it (split A4 page) yet.

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