[Scribus] Pictures not printing : A problem solved!

Geoff palmerg
Fri Oct 29 10:12:40 CEST 2004

Some notes about the solution to a printing problem I'd been having.  May 
help someone...

The Problem:
Hitting Print sent the job to the printer, the "receiving data" light 
flashed, etc., but nothing came out.  The job disappeared.

Through a process of elimination I determined the problem lay with 
pictures.  Remove the pictures, the document would print.  Add them back, 
nothing.  Exporting to PDF and printing from there worked fine, but not 
from Scribus.  Curious.

(To reproduce the problem consistently I opened New From Template / 
Newsletter_2 and tested by trying to print pages 1 and 3.)

The Solution:
Changed to printer driver "gimp-print-ijs".  Fixed!!  (See below* if you're 
not sure how...)

Distro & Build Details:
Fedora Core 2, kernel 2.6.8-1.521

Printer: HP LaserJet 4M-Plus networked via JetDirect

Scribus 1.2 Build ID 28 August 2004 C-C-T
Compiled from source
./configure concludes...
  FreeType2 installed: Yes
  CUPS installed:      Yes
  LittleCMS installed: Yes
  TiffLib installed:   Yes
  Using Python 2.3

*How to Change Printer Drivers in Fedora Core 2:
o Start Printer Configuration.  (Menu / System Settings / Printing)
o Right-click the desired printer and choose Edit.
o Click the Printer Driver tab.  On the right of the panel is a drop-down 
list of Available  Drivers.  Click it and select Gimp-Print-IJS.
o Select OK.
o Back on the Printer Config menu click the Apply button.
o You may or may not need to shut down and restart Scribus after the 
change.  I restarted and it worked right away.


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