[Scribus] Pictures not printing : A problem solved!

BandiPat magicpage91
Sun Oct 31 23:56:56 CET 2004

Geoff wrote:
> Some notes about the solution to a printing problem I'd been having.  May 
> help someone...
> The Problem:
> ===========
> Hitting Print sent the job to the printer, the "receiving data" light 
> flashed, etc., but nothing came out.  The job disappeared.
> Through a process of elimination I determined the problem lay with 
> pictures.  Remove the pictures, the document would print.  Add them back, 
> nothing.  Exporting to PDF and printing from there worked fine, but not 
> from Scribus.  Curious.
> (To reproduce the problem consistently I opened New From Template / 
> Newsletter_2 and tested by trying to print pages 1 and 3.)
> The Solution:
> ============
> Changed to printer driver "gimp-print-ijs".  Fixed!!  (See below* if you're 
> not sure how...)
> Distro & Build Details:
> ======================
> Fedora Core 2, kernel 2.6.8-1.521
> Printer: HP LaserJet 4M-Plus networked via JetDirect
> Cheers,
> Bob
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

I think a problem of this type has been discussed here before and the 
problem actually resulted in an unsupport PostScript level 2.  There is 
another person here with the same printer on SuSE 9.1 that had that very 
same "bug", but it was traced down to the postscript the printer used 
being unsupported at the time.  Scribus uses PS3, so would not do the 
graphics on the page.  The guys have since added support for the older 
PS and it should be selectable from your printing window, if I'm not 
mistaken.  Now this is the new 1.2+ Scribus versions as anything lower 
won't have it.

The developers can correct me, if I'm mistaken on this.  Overall, you 
can cut down your work and just check the printing selections now.


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