[Scribus] export--import

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Oct 30 23:15:52 CEST 2004

Petr Van?k wrote:

>On Friday 29 of October 2004 02:49, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>Exporting to PNG worked, but the default resolution of "72ppi" was quite
>>unsatisfactory, as assessed by exporting the subsequent Scribus
>>importation document to PDF.  Increasing to 200ppi was perhaps a bare
>>minimum of quality one would want in the final PDF.  The advantage of
>>the PNG was that the elements of the page were quite accurate
>>individually and were scaled appropriately.
>I'm playing with image export/import right now. It is working properly imho.
>Just a remark: I've create this feature as the tool for quick preview or fro 
>web... so the 72dpi note is raised in the export dialog. It's clear that you 
>have to increase DPI when you need the image in press tasks.
Thanks for looking into this.  What I was saying, though, was that image
export/import (to PNG, for example) is the only one that works, and
works quite well.  Exporting to SVG or EPS does not work.

I'll have to check it out, but my sense was that the 72dpi may not
necessarily come out that way on a web page.


PS - checked it out, and it is quite satisfactory for a webpage -- very 

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