[Scribus] Calendar script - a summary

Elmar Jobs infonews
Sat Oct 30 23:55:43 CEST 2004

Henry Hartley schrieb:
> RE: [Scribus] Calendar script - a summary
>  <henryhartley at westat.com>
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>In list MonthList, prepend all names with nun ASCII-Chars with
>>>an 'u', or write these chars in HEX/OCT e.g. u'M?rz' oder
> The problem for me at this point is that my script still failed after making
> your suggested changes.  In fact, the calendar_A3 version you posted didn't
> work either.  calendar_A3.py fails on line 71 which is the one place that
> MonthList[Month] still shows up.  You cannot get rid of it there since you

First of all there was a mistake in my writing. It should be u"M\xe4rz" 
instead of 'M\xe4rz' only (the 'u' makes the difference).

Let me then say that on my systems (SuSE 9.1, Python 2.3.3 and Gentoo 
with Python 2.3.4) the script works quite nice. But I'm not familiar 
with Python, therefore I can only guess what may be the reason for the 
failure on your system.

Maybe somebody else can shed some light onto it?


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