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Brian Blandford brian
Sat Oct 30 13:48:27 CEST 2004

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>On Friday 29 October 2004 02:06 am, Brian Blandford wrote:
>>I am new to Scribus, and have installed version 1.2 on Linux
>>Mandrake 10. I began following the tutorial, got as far as creating
>>the photo frame, and accessing the 'Properties' dialogue from the
>>Tools menu. I entered the x-pos at 0.0, no problem.
>>However, the moment I clicked the y-pos box, the programme crashed,
>>and the page disappeared off the screen. This happened repeatedly,
>>and still happened if I tried to move from x- to y- with the Tab
>>key as well. The next time I tried to avoid the Tools Properties
>>dialogue altogether by resizing the frame with the mouse, which was
>>OK, and I inserted a photo (incidentally, no idea where I am to
>>find the sample photo to follow the tutorial). However, when I
>>attempted to resize that, that also disappeared (though the page
>I also use version 1.2 on Mandrake 10 but do not experience your 
>problem with the photo frame. It works fine on my system.
Would my problem be with the rpm build I downloaded? It wasn't from the 
Mandrake site (can't exactly remememer where from), and there were some 
problems with dependencies, which eventually seemed to get sorted.
What package did you use - or did you compile from the tar.gz?
I had previously installed 1.1.6 (though not used it until now) and that 
is working fine - is another possibility that one version interferes 
with the other?
Excuse any glaring ignorance showing in this reply - I'm not a Linux 
expert by a long way!


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