[Scribus] Color management in Scribus

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Oct 30 06:26:06 CEST 2004

On Sat, 2004-10-30 at 09:54, Jozsef Mak wrote:
> I have already posted this message on various forums but I havent received 
> usable information so far. I hope someone can help me here. I installed 
> Scribus on fedora 2 and I am trying to implement the color management tool 
> called Little cms. According to the Scribus documentation there is a color 
> management option in the Edit menu but it doesnt show in my program.

It would be very helpful if you could let the list know what distro and
version you're using, what Scribus version you're using, how you
installed it (RPMs/DEBs, compiled from CVS, etc), and how you configured
the compile if you compiled it yourself.

Excerpts from or links to any forum discussions where you gave more
detailed information wouldn't hurt either.

At a guess, I'd say there's a fair chance you're using a package
(RPM/DEB) that was not built against lcms. If so, installing lcms won't
help, you'll need to get a version of the package that knows about lcms
or recompile from source.

If you built from source, my only guess is that you forgot to re-run
./configure when you recompiled Scribus after installing lcms.

Of course, I'm hardly the expert around here. If you can post the info I
suggested it'll help folks who know more than me give answers involving
less guesswork.

Craig Ringer

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