[Scribus] Color management in Scribus

Jozsef Mak j_mak3
Sat Oct 30 03:54:07 CEST 2004

I have already posted this message on various forums but I haven’t received 
usable information so far. I hope someone can help me here. I installed 
Scribus on fedora 2 and I am trying to implement the color management tool 
called Little cms. According to the Scribus documentation there is a color 
management option in the Edit menu but it doesn’t show in my program. Lcms 
is installed on my system, including the development library, which I was 
told was a requirement for color management to work. I also downloaded color 
profiles from the lcms website and copied them in scribus/ profiles folder. 
I even downloaded adobe color profiles but scribus doesn’t see them either. 
So I am stuck. I already searched numerous times the scribus and the lcms 
site but found no useful information regarding this problem. Help would be 
appreciated from anyone who has experience with these programs.


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