[Scribus] [OT] how to deal with this postscript file?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu
Fri Oct 22 16:13:17 CEST 2004

?? ? wrote:

>I today received this postscript file from the school's paper (from the
>university I was in), there is a report of me on the paper so I wish to keep
>the postscript file in case I wish to print it.
>They made the paper using a DTP tool made by the founder co, from China.
>This damned software is the most silly DTP tool I ever know (because I was
>doing DTP years ago), if any international product made its way in L10N
>ealier this product must not exist. So, now gsview opens this file with
>warning and complains about the document structure, and display pages of
>junks. I don't ask the school's paper, because I am sure they don't know
>what PS file is for at all, they just hand the PS file to print house where
>the print house also have founder co. system to RIP it.
>When I was doing DTP in the past years, the final PS file for same paper
>size of school's paper is about 300MB size, however, this PS file from the
>school's paper is only 2MB size. So I guess I don't have the font they used,
>and they didn't include glyph in PS file. The ps file header said it's PS
>level 2, but file(1) told me this is level3 ps file. Any attempt to
>interprete this file by using gs(1) (afpl) cause core dump.
>Now how do I do with this file? The file is available at
> and shall stay there for a week.
>I wish I could at least print this file. If this is not possible I'll give
>up. Anyway it is not very important to me.

Okay, don't help me. I think I hate the DTP software and no longer 
willing to solve the problem. I found this PS file is referring several 
GIF files that the school's paper didn't sent to me. I wish I could scan 
the published paper instead.

And: is it allowed for PS file to refer to outside files? I never ever 
seen this kind of PS file before.

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