[Scribus] [OT] how to deal with this postscript file?

韡武 张 zhangweiwu
Fri Oct 22 16:00:45 CEST 2004

I today received this postscript file from the school's paper (from the
university I was in), there is a report of me on the paper so I wish to keep
the postscript file in case I wish to print it.

They made the paper using a DTP tool made by the founder co, from China.
This damned software is the most silly DTP tool I ever know (because I was
doing DTP years ago), if any international product made its way in L10N
ealier this product must not exist. So, now gsview opens this file with
warning and complains about the document structure, and display pages of
junks. I don't ask the school's paper, because I am sure they don't know
what PS file is for at all, they just hand the PS file to print house where
the print house also have founder co. system to RIP it.

When I was doing DTP in the past years, the final PS file for same paper
size of school's paper is about 300MB size, however, this PS file from the
school's paper is only 2MB size. So I guess I don't have the font they used,
and they didn't include glyph in PS file. The ps file header said it's PS
level 2, but file(1) told me this is level3 ps file. Any attempt to
interprete this file by using gs(1) (afpl) cause core dump.

Now how do I do with this file? The file is available at and shall stay there for a week.

I wish I could at least print this file. If this is not possible I'll give
up. Anyway it is not very important to me.
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