[Scribus] Color Management on GNU/Linux ? please HELP !

Rob Miller rob
Fri Oct 22 11:18:09 CEST 2004

On Fri, 22 Oct 2004, Serge Smeesters wrote:

> I'm looking to have the famous Color Management featurs
> but don't find :(

I've just been through this under gentoo.  it would be nice if -- 
particularly for enabling CM -- scribus could be started with a -verbose 
flag and have it tell where it is looking, what decisions it makes and 

> -> I've installed packages liblcms1 libcms1-dev and libcms-utils

> I've placed in this directory some files I've found
> in a Windows Monitor "Drivers" zip file :

> Also, some other file from
> http://www.littlecms.com/profiles.zip

> (is it right ? what's needed ?)

I don't have all these profiles, but after a little playing with a program 
called gcms and looking at the ones I do have from this set, it appears 
that there are no CMYK profiles listed.  Somewhere in the Scribus docs I 
have seen 'you need at least 1 RGB and 1 CMYK profile' to see 'Color 
Management'.  There's a profile set from Adobe with CMYK entries, see the 
links page on www.littlecms.com

> An important thing is that I have not find
> any program like qtmonitorprofiler !

on gentoo the package is called lprof, perhaps try that.  despite warnings 
on the lcms user list, lprof-1.09 source code is still available at


> So, I'm using Scribus on a GNU/Linux system (really, I'm a poor
> man, sorry) and I'm looking for the Scribus "Color Management" because
> for now, colors in PDF for printer export are to light (shift about 8%,
> not only gamma correction kind)...

we are in a similar boat.  I think that once you get scribus color 
management working, you may remain unhappy until you have a printer 
profile (unless you are sending to commercial printer).  I created mine 
with Argyll and a cheap scanner, but it has been a long process and my 
profile is still not working with Scribus for printing.

good luck,


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