[Scribus] argh! no true duotone ink support in scribus for photos

linuxlingam linuxlingam
Fri Oct 22 10:29:38 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 22:59, Alastair M. Robinson wrote:

> The version on my website is a bit outdated - IIRC it was built against 
> a development snapshop of GIMP-2.0, so its Makefile needs tweaking for 
> real releases - replacing all occurrences of 1.3 with 2.0.
> I can let you have a newer version (plus binary) if you're interested 
> (though the duotone support is no more advanced than before).

yes, certainly i will be interested. thanks so much.
> The DuoTone mode was written because I work for a small printing 
> company, that among other things prints a small monthly local newspaper. 
>    We have red and black ink available on the cover and occasionally do 
> a red/black duotone photo.


> Because of the lack of spot colour support in popular (open) image 
> formats, we build our front and back pages in Magenta and Black, not Red 
> and Black; the DuoTone plugin creates a pseudo-CMYK image, with the red 
> data in the Magenta channel; we then output film for Black and Magenta, 
> and print the "Magenta" plate using Red ink!

neat printing hack. i used to do something similar in pagemaker and
MacDraw circa 1986.

> As for selecting the hue to be separated - use Layer -> Colors -> 
> Hue-Saturation to rotate the hue you want pulled out onto Red, then use 
> the DuoTone filter, and backfill the "Red" layer to the appropriate 
> colour to preview the result.

> If you want the result in a channel other than "M", just rename the 
> layer to "C", "Y", or "K".
> Hope this is some help.

er.. one question. the design of the magazine could be in 4-color, plus
a pantone.the client wishes to use the pantone for creating duotones of
the images. i wonder if this plug-in and/or scribus can be used to
generate such a five-color output, in halftones all. even if i use the
pantone shade on an identical angle for m, or c, the idea is that the
photographs and images could be two-color duotone.

> All the best,
> --
> Alastair M. Robinson

thanks so much


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