[Scribus] argh! no true duotone ink support in scribus for photos

Alastair M. Robinson blackfive
Thu Oct 21 19:29:14 CEST 2004


scribus-request at nashi.altmuehlnet.de wrote:

>>As to stable I have had no problems. Now, as to the issues with
>>Duotone,  I don't know the specifics and suggest you try it out. I have
>>never had need for it.
> ok, that's a relief. feel emboldened to try it out

The version on my website is a bit outdated - IIRC it was built against 
a development snapshop of GIMP-2.0, so its Makefile needs tweaking for 
real releases - replacing all occurrences of 1.3 with 2.0.

I can let you have a newer version (plus binary) if you're interested 
(though the duotone support is no more advanced than before).

The DuoTone mode was written because I work for a small printing 
company, that among other things prints a small monthly local newspaper. 
   We have red and black ink available on the cover and occasionally do 
a red/black duotone photo.

Because of the lack of spot colour support in popular (open) image 
formats, we build our front and back pages in Magenta and Black, not Red 
and Black; the DuoTone plugin creates a pseudo-CMYK image, with the red 
data in the Magenta channel; we then output film for Black and Magenta, 
and print the "Magenta" plate using Red ink!

As for selecting the hue to be separated - use Layer -> Colors -> 
Hue-Saturation to rotate the hue you want pulled out onto Red, then use 
the DuoTone filter, and backfill the "Red" layer to the appropriate 
colour to preview the result.

If you want the result in a channel other than "M", just rename the 
layer to "C", "Y", or "K".

Hope this is some help.

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson

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