[Scribus] Usability

Manfred Jung mjung
Tue Oct 12 16:55:31 CEST 2004

Hi Everyone

First of all a great thank you for such a super program as scribus. I am writing from the 
tip of Africa (Cape Town) where we use it as much as we can. 

With my last publication I was under considerable time preasure and realized that one 
point always held me up. perhaps it would not have shown up otherwise. But I found it 
very confusing that the different DTP related programs call and place the butons 
differetly. In one case I almost lost my work. Well this trigered my little usability study. 
Others are probably much more clued up, but perhaps my lines strike a cord and it 
doesw good to all of us. 

I did a comparison and found that when you close a document that is not save each 
program in Linux asks you in a different way. I noted with Scribus that the oder of 
Butons changes when it asks you about overwriting an existing document. 

Attached find my findings in a table as an OO.org document.

Would it be possible between the DTP related programs to unify this a bit more. I could 
imagine it woold help the end users. Well this is only my view and perhaps there are 
things I overlook. I know this should also be discussed with The Gimp, Sodipodi, 
Inkscape etc people. But I thought here at Scribus must of us use all of them. So let the 
discussion begin. 


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