[Scribus] Some thoughts about Scribus...

Daniel Prien will_layout_for_food
Tue Oct 12 16:03:16 CEST 2004


First of all, thank you for this great Software.
I just finished my first work in Scribus. Nothing fancy, just some stickers 
and a postcard. All went well, the printing office didn't complain about the 
Pdfs. But while using Scribus and playing around with it I thought about some 
things. Please excuse my english, where i don't know the right terms, i will 
use the german words, maybe someone can help...

So here we go (kinda unsorted):

I would like to have the option to make a smaller design and put it on a 
larger printing-sheet several times (Druckbogen/Nutzen).Automatic cropmarks 
would save some time here. The ability to use different smaller pages on a 
large one would be nice. For example, if you have different sorts of 
businesscards. Also, it would be good, if you have a overview of the 
printingsheet where you can flip and rotate the smaller pages, depending on 
what the printing office tells you...
Saving this layout for later use should be possible.

Defining a margin in the Pagesize (like in Freehand for example) for cropping 

Spotcolors! (I think we will have these some day...).

Cropmarks, Registrationmarks and so on for printing and exporting...

Overprint on a per color and a per object basis. Outline Overprint. Black text 
should overprint as a default. (Don't know if it does at the moment, but as a 
test, I put a textbox on a cyan box. In the printpreview the black text is 
left out in the cyan plate, which is no good...)
Overprint-Preview as a gimmick... ;)

Adjusting the kerning with a hotkey like CTRL-CURSORKEY...

That's it for now. I some of this is possible, and I just don't know, please 
tell me...

Keep up that good work. Scribus will become very important not only for people 
who can't afford one of the "big ones" (like me)...

Greeting from Germany

Daniel Prien

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