[Scribus] Usability

Riku Leino Tsoots foom
Tue Oct 12 17:23:53 CEST 2004

Manfred Jung wrote:
> Would it be possible between the DTP related programs to unify this a bit more. I could 
> imagine it woold help the end users. Well this is only my view and perhaps there are 
> things I overlook. I know this should also be discussed with The Gimp, Sodipodi, 
> Inkscape etc people. But I thought here at Scribus must of us use all of them. So let the 
> discussion begin. 
> Regards
> MJ

Yes there has been some inconsistence in dialog layout even between 
Scribus' own dialogs. This has been discussed before and there are even 
a couple of bug reports submitted for this at bugs.scribus.net. We do 
have plans to introduce more consistent layout for Scribus with the 1.3 
development series. Ideas for making the ui better are appreciated.

In my opinion it would be more important to match the "standard" of the 
platform where the application is run rather than the program group 
where it belongs. In Scribus' case even it's not a pure KDE application 
it uses QT and is best run under KDE and KDE users finds the look 
familiar. That's where I think we should take the standard for 
desigining the look, layout and behaviour.

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