[Scribus] Fragen zum Dateiformat / questions about file format

Ramm, Henning Henning.Ramm
Mon Oct 11 10:51:40 CEST 2004

Hello Craig, thank for your fast response!

>> - Why gets no XML header used?
>No. The format is, as we say, XML-based. There will be a new 
>format developed 
>over the coming months in the 1.3 development cycle.

I'm looking forward to it then...

>> <FONT>
>Yes, deprecated.


>> <COLOR>
>> - How can one mark a COLOR as a spot color?
>Not yet possible

Will it be in 1.3?

>> - Are shadings and transparencies defined from 0 to 100 or 
>from 0 to 1?
>0-100 AFAIK

I asked, 'cause in <CSTOP> the docs say 0.0 to 1.0

>> - Apparently U#0004 is used for carriage return in ITEXT; is 
>there any docs
>> about these control chars?
>This will be changed in the new format. 
>There is a file format document on docs.scribus.net under 
>development. This is 
>the 1.2 format. There will be a rewrite to be XML compliant 
>with a DTD, and 
>it will handle more features and fix issues with current ones. 
>It would be 
>possible to use the current format, 1.3 will load the old and 
>new formats. 
>Depending on the features in documents, saving from 1.3 into 
>1.2 format wont 
>be possible.

Is there already a "beta version" of the new DTD?
If we try to be compatible to Scribus it would make no sense to use the old format, but we must define our specs very soon.

To explain what we try: Our online ad editor (by Evolver, no own development) is to be write an XML (besides EPS) that we can parse to rebuild the ad in InDesign. I thought it would be funny to use an open source XML format for exchange - we could use Scribus for validation and EPS/PDF export also. And if I get the leave to put it open source, you get an Scribus-to-InDesign converter (even if you desire the other way round much more). ;-)

Best regards,
Henning Hraban Ramm
S?dkurier Medienhaus / MediaPro

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