[Scribus] PDF form not completely showing up in acrobad reader

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Oct 11 01:11:14 CEST 2004

On Monday 11 October 2004 01:02, John Culleton wrote:
> On Friday 10 September 2004 17:13, Paraplegic Racehorse wrote:
> > Craig Ringer wrote:
> > >On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 15:52, Marc Haber wrote:
> > >>Any hints how I configure acrobat reader on Linux to properly show all
> > >>of the PDF form?
> > >
> > >Try hitting the page down key. There is a bug in Acrobat Reader (at
> > >least 5.0.8) that sometimes makes it impossible to use the scroll bars
> > >to scroll the entire way down the document - the bottom on the scroll
> > >bars simply doesn't match the bottom of the document.
> >
> > This is correct as of acroread 5.0.9, as well.
> You can reduce the size of the page so that the whole page is visible in
> the Acrobat Reader window. Or you can view the PDF in either GV (like
> Ghostview) or Xpdf, my personal favorite.  Xpdf also does a refresh, so
> that if you generate an updated pdf file then just keying the letter "r"
> in the xpdf window will refresh the document while retaining the current
> page number.  Very handy.

It wont show everything that Acroread can tho.. apart from some things, like 
perhaps transparencies. Maybe it will now.. depends on version..

theres a display page to edge setting in acroread that helps.. a quick zoom in 
and out usually fixes the issue


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