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Paul Bissex paul.bissex
Sat Oct 9 17:41:09 CEST 2004

On Sat, 09 Oct 2004 12:56:59 +0200, Martin Costabel <costabel at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
>I have just one little nit to pick: Why do you write that
> "if you install via Fink as I do you'll get something like 1.1.7."? That
> version has disappeared from Fink quite some time ago. Even if you don't
> want to let Fink compile scribus for you and you just install the
> precompiled binary from Fink's binary distribution, you get version
> 1.2RC1 (which was the latest available version when this binary
> distribution was made some weeks ago.) If you use Fink to install from
> source, you get the latest released version 1.2.

Interesting. You'd think I would have learned to be more careful about
generalizing by now.  FWIW, on my machine, I have 1.1.7 that I got via
Fink a month or two ago and when I do a "fink install scribus" (to
check for updates) it tells me that there is nothing to be upgraded.
And I'm pretty sure that I have Fink set to use unstable (i.e. the
newest stuff). However, I am not at my Mac right now, and am by no
means a Fink wizard, so maybe there's something b0rked in my setup. 
I'll post a correction, though I don't have time this weekend to dig
into it further.  But it's good news if 1.2 is indeed in Fink.

Thanks for cluing me in.


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