[Scribus] Plugging Scribus

Martin Costabel costabel
Sat Oct 9 12:56:59 CEST 2004

Paul Bissex wrote:
> Just wanted the hardworking Scribus team (and fans) to know I plugged
> Scribus to OS X users today here:
>   http://saladwithsteve.com/osx/2004/10/scribus.html
> I think Mac users are a great potential target market for this app.

I agree :-) I have just one little nit to pick: Why do you write that 
"if you install via Fink as I do you'll get something like 1.1.7."? That 
version has disappeared from Fink quite some time ago. Even if you don't 
want to let Fink compile scribus for you and you just install the 
precompiled binary from Fink's binary distribution, you get version 
1.2RC1 (which was the latest available version when this binary 
distribution was made some weeks ago.) If you use Fink to install from 
source, you get the latest released version 1.2.


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