[Scribus] Plugging Scribus

John Kershaw lists
Sat Oct 9 09:39:20 CEST 2004

At 10:33 pm -0400 8/10/04, Paul Bissex wrote:
>Just wanted the hardworking Scribus team (and fans) to know I plugged
>Scribus to OS X users today here:
>   http://saladwithsteve.com/osx/2004/10/scribus.html
>I think Mac users are a great potential target market for this app.

I'm a Mac user coming from a Quark/AppleScript background. I recently 
downloaded Scribus and would be very interested in converting our 
current real estate workflow to Scribus:

1. Clients (Access) upload to web database (MySQL)
2. I export text dump from MySQL, pull in to Filemaker (Classic)
3. AppleScript pulls together Filemaker data & photos by ID in Quark (Classic)

I read the (oh so very spartan) Python scripting info and was very 
little the wiser. I've never done any Python, though am (reasonably) 
competent in AppleScript & PHP. Could someone post some example code 
for Python automation?

Then I can quit Classic for good :)


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