[Scribus] pdf resolution issue

Sunil Joshi pavansut
Thu Oct 7 05:32:46 CEST 2004

Thank you for your suggestion, Martin.  I tried what you suggested, and 
saved a ps file.  As such, Scribus does not seem to recognize the ps 
file in the "get picture" dialog.  If one selects "all files", the ps 
file show up, but nothing seems to get imported.

If one selects The File>Import>EPS/PS dialog seem to recognize the ps 
file, but importing it that way does not seem to work either (I can't 
see the image yet, the program was been trying to import it for last 5 
minutes - its kind of frozen, but now back live).  If I change the 
extension to eps, the file is now seen/recognized, but again, nothing 
gets imported.

So, the best solution seems to be importing the pdf file.  There is no 
mechanism to change the DPI setting of pdf in Mac Print command.  When 
I import the pdf generated using Mac print command, the pdf seems to be 
a 72 x 72 lpi.

Else where, Craig had suggested that I try to use Ooffice (thank you 
Craig) to generate the pdf and I tried that technique.  the OOO pdf 
converter does allow one to select a higher dpi.  I selected 1200 dpi 
and saved the pdf document.  Upon importing it into the image box, it 
seems to at least import the pdf.  One concern however is that even 
though the DPI selected was 1200, the info command shows a LPI of 141x 
141 only.

The pdf image seems very grainy and diffused, so not clear if there 
would be printing issues (I'll find out soon and report the difference 
between the two techniques-Mac's print to pdf, and ooo's higher dpi 
pdf).  However it is clear from this discussion that importing tables 
in Scribus is still a challenge, and so is creating a nicely 
formattable table.  There also seems to be an ps importing issue, which 
I am not sure if its only my issue or a broader issue.


On Monday, October 4, 2004, at 02:30  AM, Martin Costabel wrote:

> Sunil Joshi wrote:
>> Craig:  Thank you for your suggestions!  I will try later tonight to 
>> import the scribus pages and see if that resolves the issue.
>> I have no doubt this solution will work perfectly for scribus created 
>> documents (pages).  However, on another page, I have a table layout, 
>> which due to the complexity of formatting, I am creating in Microsoft 
>> excel, and saving it as a pdf document (through print menu on Mac).
> Why don't you print it to ps and import that? Printing to a ps file is 
> an option in the Mac printing dialog, you just have to dig a little in 
> the menus.
>> Unfortunately, on Mac, I am not aware of a way to save the pdf in 
>> higher resolution than the standard.
> I am not quite sure what "resolution" means for a pdf file. These are 
> not bitmap files. The bitmap is created when you load the pdf as a 
> picture into scribus.
> -- 
> Martin

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