[Scribus] Re: Follow up to your earlier post

Elmar Jobs infonews
Tue Oct 5 08:19:15 CEST 2004

Sunil Joshi schrieb:
> Elmar: came across your post from August, and I was curious to know if 
> your print results from the technique suggested by you for creating tiff 
> files, were satisfactory or now. Update would be very helpful.

To remember: idea was to export Scribus as EPS, use Gimp to render TIFF 
and use Gimp plugin to convert to CYMK.

So, did it give good results? Yes and no.

Yes: You can produce TIFFs of (almost) arbitrary resolution. So, 
technically everything works OK.

No: When printing, you will be able to distinguish between TIFF and PDF 
input files. At least when using 300 or 600 DPI to output is not 
perfect. I switched back to PDF ...


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