[Scribus] missing folder in make

ephemeron ephemeron
Tue May 25 00:32:45 CEST 2004

On 23. May 2004 at 10:07PM -0400,
Peter Linnell <scribusdocs at atlantictechsolutions.com> wrote:


> Here is how I handle CVS repositories:
> 1) I have a root CVS directory in ~/cvs
> 2) Then I have ~/cvs/Scribus ~/cvs/inkscape and so on
> 3) After updating Run make -f Makefile dist from ~/cvs/Scribus
> In this case, it looks like you might have had a partial
> download or something messed with CVS. In this case, delete the
> whole directory and do a fresh checkout, as if you were doing
> it the first time.

Which I think is a good argument not to run make from
~/cvs/Scribus.  I'd rather do "cp -R ~/cvs/Scribus
~/cvs/build_dir" and build from the copy.

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