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LinuxLingam linuxlingam
Thu May 20 09:26:01 CEST 2004

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> From: Maciej Hanski <ma_han2000 at yahoo.de>
> To: linuxlingam <linuxlingam at bhairon.com>
> Subject: Scribus Tutorial
> Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 22:19:22 +0200
> Hi [LL],
> I'm going to translate Your  great Scribus tutorial and want to use for
> this purpose my Polish translation of your sample publication:
> http://linux.hanski.info/tests/FYug_pl.tar.gz

> Since this is my first experience with GNU FDL and I don't want to
> violate your copyrights, even unintentionally, please let know, if this Polish
> sample publication is OK with you.
> best regards
> Maciej

please go ahead. this is exactly the kind of thing FDL encourages. you
could even add your own chapters specific to your language, and add
extra pages to show how to do some stuff in polish, or whatever you
like. this is because the sample publication is in fdl too.

you can translate the articles published under the verbatim license into
polish. however, you cannot edit or change these 'verbatim licese'
articles by adding, deleting, or modifying it. further, once you're
done, your work still stays in FDL, so others can continue constantly
refining the work. because franz and friends never sleep. this tutorial
goes out of date in 3 months, unless the community continues adding and
refining it.

once you're done, please send me the urls of your work, so i can link to
it too. also, i hope peter links all the translations happening from a
central place on the scribus site.

wish you luck with your tutorial, and hope you inscribe scribus into the
hearts and minds of Polish-speaking people.


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