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Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun May 16 08:41:35 CEST 2004

On Sun, 2004-05-16 at 02:57, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Following the post of the already acclaimed tutorial on Scribus by 
> LL, I decided to dive-in and translate it in French. This for very 
> simple reasons.
> 1. The tutorial covers a lot of ground
> 2. It's very well done (v e r y  well)
> 3. Why re-invent the wheel? (I mean, it could take hours just to 
> figure out exactly how to deal with all the possibilities of Scribus!)
> I thought of this since the beginning. I know we can take other roads 
> to explain the same thing. But now, the big job is done. I have 
> showed it to some peope working with me. Impressed is not the correct 
> word : they were simply staring at me, looking at the printed PDF, 
> not really believing what they were seeing. Impressed? Simply put : 
> yes.
> Anyway, I am doing it. In all my enthusiasm I finally thought, after 
> a day and a half of work, I should let all of you know about it so if 
> anyone has had the same idea, we could at least share the work! 
> Otherwise, just bare with me. It'll take a few more days before the 
> job's done.
> LL, I do all my best to make the French version as lively as the 
> original. I am keeping the exact same examples. Just using new screen 
> shots from the French version. So far, not adding anything except a 
> very, very  few "notes from the translator". I guess a second edition 
> could cover even more ground and step into some more details. (I 
> couldn't do the "Get Picture" screenshot in French because the window 
> keeps disappearing on me every time I try to shoot it! Any clue? 
> Using KSnapShot on Mandrake 10).
> I don't know if French readers have other expectations (for instance, 
> should I rebuilt the Scribus document itself with French titles and 
> eveything?). Just for the sake of it, my only wish is to make that 
> translation/adaptation arrive soon. Maybe we could translate the 
> "text on a path page" because it's a good place to put a little 
> message... ;-) and the PDF form, which is a great idea for schools 
> and so on. What do you think?
> Louis
> P.S. All the best to the newborn, and mother, and father! ;-)

thanks Louis :)

BTW, I know you have started on this.. but do you want to do the
document IN Scribus? :) Peter has made a Scribus version of the tutorial
although I dont have an address right now. He will reply with an address
if he has finished the Scribus version.

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