[Scribus] Scribus Tutorial

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun May 16 02:57:24 CEST 2004

Hi everybody,

Following the post of the already acclaimed tutorial on Scribus by 
LL, I decided to dive-in and translate it in French. This for very 
simple reasons.

1. The tutorial covers a lot of ground
2. It's very well done (v e r y  well)
3. Why re-invent the wheel? (I mean, it could take hours just to 
figure out exactly how to deal with all the possibilities of Scribus!)

I thought of this since the beginning. I know we can take other roads 
to explain the same thing. But now, the big job is done. I have 
showed it to some peope working with me. Impressed is not the correct 
word : they were simply staring at me, looking at the printed PDF, 
not really believing what they were seeing. Impressed? Simply put : 

Anyway, I am doing it. In all my enthusiasm I finally thought, after 
a day and a half of work, I should let all of you know about it so if 
anyone has had the same idea, we could at least share the work! 
Otherwise, just bare with me. It'll take a few more days before the 
job's done.

LL, I do all my best to make the French version as lively as the 
original. I am keeping the exact same examples. Just using new screen 
shots from the French version. So far, not adding anything except a 
very, very  few "notes from the translator". I guess a second edition 
could cover even more ground and step into some more details. (I 
couldn't do the "Get Picture" screenshot in French because the window 
keeps disappearing on me every time I try to shoot it! Any clue? 
Using KSnapShot on Mandrake 10).

I don't know if French readers have other expectations (for instance, 
should I rebuilt the Scribus document itself with French titles and 
eveything?). Just for the sake of it, my only wish is to make that 
translation/adaptation arrive soon. Maybe we could translate the 
"text on a path page" because it's a good place to put a little 
message... ;-) and the PDF form, which is a great idea for schools 
and so on. What do you think?


P.S. All the best to the newborn, and mother, and father! ;-)

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