[Scribus] templates for text?

Stijn Hoop stijn
Mon May 10 15:44:29 CEST 2004


I'm new to Scribus so please bear with me if this is a FAQ - I googled but
couldn't find the answer on my own.

I'd like to import a large ASCII text file for formatting, so I tried to
create a template with 2 column style textframes, so that the standard layout
of a page was defined. The problem is that a) I can't link those 2 textframes
to each other from with the 'edit template' function and b) I can't put text
in them when I'm in 'normal' editing mode (ie not editing the templates).

How should I do this without copy & paste'ing 2 text boxes on every page?
Am I missing something?


lists this as a normal task, but unfortunately is for an older version
of Scribus and dismisses the 'insert text' problem with a rather vague
sentence that doesn't say how to actually do this:

"It now remains to let the text fill the inside pages by chaining the last
frame of the cover with the first of page 2, and continuing thus through the
logical sequence of the document."

FWIW, I'm using Scribus 1.1.6 on FreeBSD -CURRENT.

thanks in advance!


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