[Scribus] Crop marks

Terry Hancock hancock
Mon May 10 15:36:52 CEST 2004

On Monday 10 May 2004 06:55 am, Rozenn Lucas wrote:
> Does anyone know how to add crop marks to documents.
> I cannot find anything in the French or English 
documentation about such
> feature so I?m not even sure it exists altogether.
> If that?s the case, it would need to be added !

I don't think there's a specific feature, but you can
create guidelines at the appropriate places and use
"snap to guidelines" and "snap to grid" features to
put the marks in.

Don't do this per-page, but instead do it on the page
templates.  Then use that template as the basis of
each page as you add them.

This allows you to do more sophisticated things than
just crop marks, too.  (Like setting up guidelines to
use as margins on each page, or creating headers that
appear on every page, etc).


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