[Scribus] Symbol font does not work on Fedora Core 1

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun May 9 15:03:26 CEST 2004

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 14:48, Mikko Huhtala wrote:
> I installed Scribus 1.1.6 from the fedora.us RPM (the scribus.net RPM
> gave the relocation/symbol not found error) and the font-preview RPM
> from scribus.net.
> The only Symbol font that appears available for use in Scribus is
> OpenSymbol, but the characters are rendered as open rectangles on the
> screen and not at all in PDF output. This happens with the automated
> font preview plugin, too. OpenOffice behaves equally badly with
> OpenSymbol on Fedora Core 1.

Standard Symbols L Regular works fine here on Gentoo

> Cutting and pasting e.g. Greek characters from the GNOME Unicode
> Character Map to Scribus does not work at all, but does work with Gimp
> 2.0, Abiword and other GTK 2 programs

Use the Insert special. Gnome Character Map will display glyphs that do
not exist in the fonts, having substituted them from Nimbus or another

> The freetype library version is 2.1.4 and XFree86 version 4.3.0 (stock
> Fedora packages).
> Has anyone got Symbol fonts to work in Scribus on Fedora? This is a
> show-stopping problem for me and my colleagues, since we frequently
> need Greek symbols for scientific presentations.

Just use a different Symbol font, or try using Insert Special.

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