[Scribus] Symbol font does not work on Fedora Core 1

Mikko Huhtala mhuhtala
Sun May 9 15:54:23 CEST 2004

Craig Bradney writes:
 > Just use a different Symbol font, or try using Insert Special.

Thanks, silly me had forgotten about 'Insert Special'. It has been a
while since I used Scribus and 'Extras' is not exactly a descriptive
name for a menu.

Standard Symbols L has now magically appeared in my Scribus... I am
certain it was missing before. Anyhow, that solves that problem.

Another stupid question: how do I get multiple fonts in one text
frame? If I double-click the frame so that the cursor appears in it or
select a part of the text, the 'Style' menu is greyed out and becomes
unavailable. On 1.1.4 it is possible to select a part of the text and
change the font for that part only. When the whole frame is selected,
'Style' is available in 1.1.6, but then the font change is applied to
all of the text.


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