[Scribus] Postscript import into Scribus?

Ruth Ann Cullis racullis
Wed May 5 04:30:48 CEST 2004


I've almost have my wife off of her Windows computer, but one program 
that is her last hold out is MS Publisher.  I did find out that MS 
Publisher does export any publisher file to Postscript, but alas, no 
DTP program will import between the freeware and proprietary programs 
so that you can edit the file.  Even UNIX tools will export text and 
maybe graphics, but not as a complete file.  If Scribus could import or 
convert any PDF or PS file so that it could be worked on, it would be 
really helpful.  Thanks for a great program.  I'm using it on Linux at 
the moment, eagerly awaiting for Mac OS X version.  Thanks.


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