[Scribus] tri-fold brochure

BandiPat magicpage91
Thu May 6 19:59:28 CEST 2004

Wayne Maeda wrote:
> On Wednesday 05 May 2004 10:59 pm, Franky wrote:
>>- printing directly from scribus scews too much to one side (landscape,
>>scewed to the right), while I have other documents (eg. from openoffice)
>>printing out just fine. The page on itself looks just fine though
>>- creating a pdf from my nicely-divided-in-3-equal-parts page results in
>>a pdf that scews too much to the other side, cutting off on the left (or
>>the right, can't remember)
>>==> this is not WYSIWYG behaviour. Maybe has something to do with the
>>landscape setting?
> Try getting rid of the page margins (File/Document Setup). They tend to chop 
> off everything that extends past them. Use guides instead.
> Wayne
> _______________________________________________


Very good idea and made me think of something as well.  For those having 
trouble, and I haven't tested this yet, with a tri-fold, do as Wayne 
suggests.  Try setting the page up with no margins at all and just start 
placing your items on the page for the tri-fold.  It might be that 
Scribus is trying to add both the margins and the spacing of the text 
boxes when outputing?  That might be the reason the items are pushed 
over to one side more?  Just some thoughts, not sure if this will make a 
difference or not.  Take into consideration also your printer.  Many 
printers, especially laser printers have a preset margin and will not 
print to the edge of the paper, as do many inkjet printers, except maybe 
for the very latest models.  This too will cause the page printout to 
skew a bit.


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