[Scribus] Charset problems with Scribus]

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat May 1 17:07:48 CEST 2004

On Sat, 2004-05-01 at 16:56, Fred Albrecht wrote:
> Craig Bradney wrote:
> > I'm not sure about the PDF export issue, will look into that with Franz.
> Thanks :)
> > If you look in the "Insert Special" window within Scribus when editing a
> > text frame you will see all of the glyphs available to Scribus within a
> > font. 
> What is "Insert special" supposed to do ? When I select that menu item
> nothing happens.

Be in text editing mode when editing within a frame, or within the Story
Editor. Then it will activate and work. Minor menu item issue.. will be

> I started scribus from a terminal to see if anything went to STDERR but
> it doesn't seem to complain about anything.
> Oh, there is this when Scribus starts :
> Loading required GL library /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.so.1.2
> Could not find platform independent libraries <prefix>
> Could not find platform dependent libraries <exec_prefix>
> Consider setting $PYTHONHOME to <prefix>[:<exec_prefix>]
> 'import site' failed; use -v for traceback
> maybe it's related ? What is that <prefix> ? Is it something like
> /usr/lib/scribus/plugins ? How about <exec_prefix> ? The docs don't seem
> to adress that point...

I dont think its related at all.. looks like a python issue, is Python
found when you build Scribus? $PREFIX depends on the distro, can be
/usr/local or /usr for example.

> > Any other glyphs do not exist, and you can confirm with pfaedit.
> I never installed font editors, I have mostly been using gucharmap, the
> Unicode character map viewer from the Gnome desktop to look at available
> glyphs (although it does have the tendency to show Unicode glyphs even
> when they aren't supported by the selected font).

gucharmap will substitute from other fonts. Use Insert Special to find
available glyphs, now u know how to activate it.

> > I'm not sure how you are using 202F and with Vera Sans
> > though, I just get a square in Scribus. 
> Same here. I inserted it by copying it from gucharmap and pasting it
> into Scribus (in the Story Editor).
> > I do however get the 00A0
> > working fine within Scribus.
> Works fine for me as well inside Scribus. It's in the PDF that it gets
> screwed up (I tried viewing the PDF in Linux on Windows 98 and on NT 5.1
> with acroread versions ranging from 5.8 to 6). The fonts are always
> fully embedded in the final document btw.

Yes, as above.. will chat to Franz about it

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